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My Newfoundland Turner suffered from seasonal and food allergies since he was 6 months old. His allergies resulted in many trips to the vet and several different vets including an overnight stay at medvet. He had anxiety from his many experiences until we started seeing Dr. Carlson. He and his entire staff were incredibly kind and gentle with him. They got down on his level and kept him at ease every time we were in. Dr. Carlson helped immensely in getting his allergies under control and improved his quality of life. We also saw Dr. Laughman and she was amazing with him as well. We, unfortunately, had to put him down recently and the entire staff was very supportive during our heartbreak. As long as we are in the area we will never take our pets elsewhere.

~ Alexis C.

My experience at Lifetime Pet Wellness Center was wonderful! My dog gets very stressed going to places like the vet and the staff did an amazing job making sure he was comfortable and relaxed. By the end, he was even playing with them! They were kind, friendly and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I decided to switch vets and come here.

~ Melissa, Lewis Center

I love bringing my dog to Lifetime Pet Wellness center. Everyone is so very friendly and my dog loves all of the attention he gets.

It was like a wonderful spa experience for him this last visit. He got his nails trimmed, had chiropractic, and relaxed with PEMF. Thank you for great conversation and information while attending to him. Dr. Carlson has helped my dog to slow down the aging process a little with the chiropractic and the PEMF as well as with supplements that support his digestive system’s needs.

~ Sandra – Westerville

Columbus Ohio is extremely fortunate to have a really skilled HOLISTIC vet that offers such a wide range of treatments. Dr. Carlson allows his patients time to really connect with him and discuss options. He takes his time and wants to provide each person with choices. I appreciate that he offers holistic and natural remedies. Often times that’s all my dog needs, other times conventional medicine is needed. I prefer a holistic approach first. I am very conscientious about what my family eats (organic foods) so naturally, I want the healthiest foods and treatments for my dog. Dr. Carlson is also a man of great integrity he will tell when you need or don’t need something. He NEVER tries to sell you on anything like other vets. His staff is superb! They all reflect his commitment to great customer service and care for you and your pet.

~ Cary K.

Will never take my cats anywhere else. We are so lucky that we found Lifetime Pet Wellness. My cats are always afraid at the vet’s, now they just purr…..Thank you, your caring and compassion mean so much to me.

~ Laurie B.

Love Dr. Carlson. He is very gentle and thorough with my dogs. I am new to holistic medicine and am surprised at how well it is working for my “kids.” lol We feed a raw diet and Dr. Carlson is understanding about it. I’ve heard about him for years from my other raw feeding friends but didn’t change because I had been with my original vet for 25 yrs. She retired and Dr. Carlson was my first choice for a new vet. I made a great choice. Thanks, Dr. Carlson, and staff! – Deena M.

~ Deena M.

Always a stellar experience! They have such an amazing team! I truly appreciate the care and attention we’ve had every time we come. Whether it’s for grooming, wellness exams or emergencies, they are always such a blessing! Patient, pleasant, understanding and great listeners.

~ Jocelyn H.

There are only a couple of certified veterinary chiropractors in the are. Dr. Carlson also being a DVM in addition to a chiropractor means I can have confidence in his opinion as a medical veterinary doctor in addition to chiropractic work. Clean facility and friendly staff.

~ Abe J.

The Veterinarians and Technicians are terrific here! Our Boston terrier is scared of new people. Our Veterinarian actually sits on the floor to help Klink get over his anxiety and will actually to do the examination and administer shots on the floor as well! Terrific place!!!

~ Laurie W.

We love the people and service at Lifetime Pet Wellness Center! They’ve been our vet for over 20 years for both our cat and dog. They have our pets’ best interests at heart and it shows. We had an emergency situation with our dog back in May and they kept us calm while we were on the phone with them, told us to bring him in right away, and had several nurses and a doctor waiting for us in the lobby when we arrived. We always know that our pets are in good hands and that’s why we highly recommend them!

~ Meredith J.

Dr. Carlson and staff were very friendly and professional! They did not force any vaccines/treatments and the prices were affordable…My dog was so comfortable there during the checkup. Dr. Carlson took time to go through my dog’s health history and lifestyle. He truly provided a holistic service and I believe that is the most important part of my dog’s health!

~ Ashie M.

We boarded our dog and they did a wonderful job. The staff is friendly and felt they took good care of our dog. Will use them again and would recommend them. It is hard enough to leave our dog but they made the process a little easier. Love the pick-up and drop off times. Glad to see someone making an effort to accommodate the client.

~ Shannon S.

I have had westies ALL my life, which means there have been a lot of grooming appointments over the years…I have to say that Lauren, who is relatively new to this facility, is the BEST groomer for my westie that I have EVER experienced….did I say…EVER in my life? She has a meticulous eye for detail and her precision is perfection. If you want a groom above ALL grooms….then get your dog to this place ASAP!!!!….OH, and the building is a brand new beautiful place.

~ Liz A.

I love taking our dogs and kitten here! We primarily see Dr. Laughman but have been super happy with all of the vets here. I always know they’re giving us the best care possible and they truly take the time to listen to any of my questions or concerns!

~ Jean B.

Dr. Carlson is amazing! My dog has had allergies since he was 6 months old. He has had itchy ears and constant skin rashes. The only thing that ever seemed to make it bearable for him was Apoquel. At 4 years old, it seemed like the Apoquel had stopped working. He was breaking out all over his body in red sores and constantly itching. We met with Dr. Carlson for holistic testing and evaluation. Within a week after that appointment, his skin cleared. He is no longer itching and his coat is so healthy. I honestly can’t believe the difference. It has been a life changer for my dog and I. I highly recommend Dr. Carlson!

~ Sara T.

Erin, I wanted to thank you for taking good care of Tippy …this is the second time I was told Tippy was a sweet girl. I was looking for another place to take her because other people there would tell me Tippy wasn’t good and one person told me to give her three of her anxiety pills…Thanks for taking your time with her. I am happy she likes you and you like her. Thanks Erin!

~ Denise P.

Tigger, my 15 y/o feline was diagnosed with lymphoma in the beginning of November 2019. Over the course of 8 weeks he had to have his lungs tapped 6 times, because they were filling with fluid, to help him breath. During the same time he was getting chemo treatments. At first, it seemed to work. His lungs were filling less fast. However, the last 2 chemo treatments, his lungs filled more quickly again. In addition, during the last 2 weeks of his treatment, Dr. Carlson at LPW was able to determine what vitamins and minerals he needed. So I started to give those. The oncologist and I both decided chemo was not working and stopped. I was told to expect him to have 2-3 weeks left t live. Even with the sad news I kept up with his vitamins and minerals. Now here we are 10 weeks later and I am so happy to say he is gaining weight, playing and sitting in my lap again. His lungs have been clear, so no more painful taps. I am just so grateful to Dr. Carlson and LPW team for their exceptional care of Tigger. The oncologist still sees Tigger monthly to check his lungs told me: “I am so amazed at his progress, whatever you are doing, keep doing it!”

~ Lisa F.

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