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Lisa F.

Tigger, my 15 y/o feline was diagnosed with lymphoma in the beginning of November 2019. Over the course of 8 weeks he had to have his lungs tapped 6 times, because they were filling with fluid, to help him breath. During the same time he was getting chemo treatments. At first, it seemed to work. His lungs were filling less fast. However, the last 2 chemo treatments, his lungs filled more quickly again. In addition, during the last 2 weeks of his treatment, Dr. Carlson at LPW was able to determine what vitamins and minerals he needed. So I started to give those. The oncologist and I both decided chemo was not working and stopped. I was told to expect him to have 2-3 weeks left t live. Even with the sad news I kept up with his vitamins and minerals. Now here we are 10 weeks later and I am so happy to say he is gaining weight, playing and sitting in my lap again. His lungs have been clear, so no more painful taps. I am just so grateful to Dr. Carlson and LPW team for their exceptional care of Tigger. The oncologist still sees Tigger monthly to check his lungs told me: “I am so amazed at his progress, whatever you are doing, keep doing it!”