Would you like to know whether your dog or cat has the potential for the formation of cancer? Would you like to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of cancer treatments? Cancer is a common disease which affects dogs and cats of all breeds and age. Signs of cancer can often be minimal or misleading, and early diagnosis can be crucial.

Once diagnosed, cancer can now be monitored with the neoplastic index (NI) by utilizing a simple blood test. An index is a number derived from two tests, the thymidine kinase type 1 and c-reactive protein, which determine the body’s risk for cancer. Thymidine kinase type 1 evaluates the amount of cellular dysregulation, which is the number of cells moving toward a cancerous state. C-reactive protein is a measurement of inflammation in the body. There is a prominent theory on the formation of cancer, that chronic inflammation is a basis for the transformation of normal cells to cells that experience unregulated growth.

Neoplastic Index Cancer Panel

As with any diagnostics, there are limits. This index does not indicate that cancer is present but rather is used if a mass is suspected to be cancerous. It also cannot determine what type of cancerous tissue is present. However, this test is a great resource for monitoring treatment, immune response, and remission.

The cost of this test is about $160 which includes the blood draw, the laboratory procedure, and the FedEx shipping to the California laboratory.