We use mostly Homotoxocology, a version of homeopathy. It uses complex blends of homeopathic to rid the body of homotoxins. Homotoxins are substances in the body that interfere with cellular functions like byproducts of body functions, toxins, bacterial, viruses, etc. It can be combined with other modalities of medicine.

With pure classical homeopathy being so complex of a science, we leave it to others. We do use some acute dosing of homeopathics, but for chronic cases, we refer you to the website of Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD.

Precious is a dog who presented unable to stand or walk due to severe neck pain caused by a collapsed disc in his lower cervical area. We suggested surgery probably was the best option, as was recommended by two other veterinarians. Unfortunately, it was not an option for the owner. We tried a homeopathic prescription, and Precious actually returned to normal within days! Precious returned for recheck 2 weeks later walking, playing, and back to his normal self. We then did an adjustment on his spine, put him on some nutritional products for ligaments and discs and he has been great since!