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Wellness and Preventative Care

Wellness and Preventative Care

At Lifetime Pet Wellness Center, we understand that pets are family. Our goal is to empower you with the support, knowledge, and tools to give you as many healthy years with your animal companion as possible. We recommend that healthy adult pets visit the vet once per year for an annual wellness check-up. The exam includes a 16-point physical exam, during which our doctors check your pet’s health from head to tail. We offer a holistic approach to veterinary care that integrates traditional, state-of-the-art medicine, proven alternative therapies, and rehabilitation services. 

We perform thorough examinations for all of our patients. Our exam includes the following:


  • Medical history
  • Eye, ear, nose, tongue, and throat examinations
  • Temperature, pulse patterns, and respirations
  • Cardiopulmonary (heart and lungs) evaluation
  • Abdominal palpation
  • Lymph node palpation
  • Dental examination
  • Dermatological (skin) examination
  • Testing for external and internal parasites
  • Nutritional counseling

Preventive and wellness care also includes thorough and honest communication with you about any findings and proposed treatments. Please bring in your pet’s medical history when you come to our vet clinic, as it will inform how we proceed. After the initial comprehensive examination, we analyze your pet’s medical record and determine any treatments, level of vaccination or titer testing, spaying or neutering, heartworm prevention, parasite control, and dietary changes. In some circumstances, our doctors may refer you to a specialist with advanced expertise in internal medicine or surgery.

We’re here for you and the pet you love—make an appointment online or call us at (614) 888-2100.