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At LPWC, we strive to practice the highest quality care possible and take the time to get to know each pet. We are always looking to utilize the best medical practices, and we provide premium care using a 20-watt carbon dioxide laser to reduce pain and bleeding in many surgeries.

The laser seals small blood vessels and nerve endings as it cuts, significantly decreasing bleeding and pain and promoting faster healing. It is most apparent when used for the feline onychectomy or declawing procedure. Cats show significant decreases in pain and bleeding postoperatively. Additionally, we have added Marcaine ring blocks to the protocol, which numbs the paws for about eight hours, allowing the patient to recover pain-free from anesthesia. Other pain measures are then used as the Marcaine fades.

Our surgery suite is fully equipped. All surgeries and dental procedures include anesthesia, an intravenous catheter, fluid support while in surgery, monitoring with an electrocardiogram, pain medication given at the time of surgery, and pain medication to bring home.

During recovery, our patients are constantly monitored by a Registered Veterinary Technician or Assistant. They are only sent home once they have recovered from anesthesia and have been examined by our doctors. Additionally, we send surgery patients home with pain medication since pets experience pain the same way humans do.