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Stem Cell Therapy/PRP 

Stem Cell Therapy/PRP 

Lifetime Pet Wellness Center is now accredited in ActiStem Stem Cell Therapy for pets!

Regenerative medicine and biological treatments for pets are fast becoming commonplace nationwide. We can now offer these special medical procedures in our clinic. ActiStem Stem Cell Therapy allows us to treat your pet with its stem cells. Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) are found throughout the body and can be obtained through an outpatient anesthetic procedure. ActiStem is the only veterinary stem cell therapy tested in a University randomized trial for safety and efficacy in treating osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament tears, joint disease, injuries, and other medical conditions* currently being studied.

New Pet? If you have a furry family member that needs to be spayed or neutered, this is the perfect time to consider ActiStem! Your veterinarian can capture the required sample for Stem Cell Therapy during their spay or neuter procedure. Once the sample is taken, your pet’s cells will live in the ActiStem bank to be used at any time during their life when they will need to utilize treatment! With known issues later in life, especially for larger breeds, ActiStem is the perfect preventative measure to ensure your pet lives a healthy and comfortable life as they age.

Most major pet insurers now cover the treatment. Call 614-888-2100 to ask us how ActiStem Therapy can help your pet!