Bentley the Cavachon recently underwent a major surgery at Lifetime Pet Wellness Center and we wanted to share his story. It all started with routine bloodwork that showed he may have issues with his kidneys. The results of the bloodwork prompted us to do an abdominal ultrasound, which is a scan that shows the organs of the abdomen and helps us evaluate for disease. 

Thankfully, the ultrasound showed that his kidneys were relatively healthy, but we incidentally found a mass on his spleen and two unknown masses in his abdomen.  Considering the findings of the ultrasound, it was decided to take Bentley to surgery to remove his spleen (to prevent spread in case the mass was a cancerous tumor) and the unknown masses in his abdomen.

This is the gold standard treatment because even if these masses are not cancerous currently, they can transform into cancer or cause life-threatening bleeding in the future. 

The location of the unknown masses was concerning as they were next to the kidneys and could have actually been abnormal ovaries, retained testicles, or cancer. Bentley was taken to surgery and his spleen and both unknown masses were removed and all three were sent to the lab for a pathologist to review. 

The mass on the spleen was ruled as a non-cancerous growth and the unknown masses were ruled as an uncommon but non-cancerous growth of the lymph nodes.  Bentley was such a trooper during his treatment and recovery and we are so happy that everything came back as best as they could!

Because of Bentley’s situation, we’d just like to highlight how important routine bloodwork is. Without this procedure, we would have never known about the unknown masses in Bentley, but thankfully the bloodwork alerted us.

In the photos, he is pictured with his sister Allie during recovery and taking a ride in the car. Bentley’s parents take such good care of him and with the help of diagnostic tests we were able to catch any issues early and prevent future problems for this sweet boy and their family! Yay for Bentley!