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In Memorium

Adam J. Orebaugh

May 12, 1978 – February 1, 2024

It’s with great sadness that we mourn the passing of our practice manager, Adam Orebaugh. Adam’s big heart was matched only by his big smile, and he was always available to lend a hand, provide a sympathetic ear, or be a shoulder to cry on. Tirelessly active in the animal welfare community, Adam played an instrumental role in many noteworthy initiatives, including shelter diversion programs, creating the Worthington Dog Park, and ending breed-specific legislation.

Adam was a fierce advocate for both pets and pet owners. He was devoted to finding loving homes for pets and working to ensure that no one had to surrender a pet or skip needed veterinary care due to financial hardship, and his dedication helped many pets and pet parents when they needed it most.

Adam cared deeply about the human-animal bond and firmly believed in the beauty and benefits it brings to both the pet and pet parent’s life. If you would like to honor Adam’s memory and support a cause that was dear to him, please consider donating to the Adam’s Legacy Emergency Fund. All funds will be used to support Hospets, a wonderful and unique organization that serves Union County. Hospets serves senior citizens and hospice patients with pets, with the goal of keeping the pet and the person together as long as possible. The health benefits that pets bring to senior citizens are numerous, but the costs of veterinary care can be a barrier for many seniors. Hospets helps with food, supplies, medical care, and more—allowing seniors and hospice patients to be together with their pets as long as possible.

Adam is deeply missed by everyone at Lifetime Pet Wellness, and we are grateful to have counted him as not just a co-worker, but as a true friend and inspiration.