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Erin, Groomer

Erin, Groomer

Erin was born & raised in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from the University of Toledo and has a BA in Education. Erin comes to Lifetime Pet Wellness Center with over 9 years of experience teaching and over 6 years of experience working in dog grooming. 

Her love of animals started at a young age, growing up with Bichon Frises and other types of pets including cats, rabbits, birds, and aquatic animals. She enjoys working with all sizes and breeds of dogs; some of her favorites include German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dobermans, and Coonhounds. 

Erin loves travel and has lived abroad, especially enjoying India, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. Erin is an avid lover of music and old suspense and horror genre films. She loves hiking, kayaking, dog-walking, biking, and discovering refurbishing antiques 

Erin is a passionate advocate for animal rights and rescue. She believes in the many benefits of plant-based living, as well as holistic methods of health treatment in veterinary and human medicine. Her family includes her adopted German Shepherd mix, Joanna.