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Feline Friendly Protocol

At Lifetime Pet Wellness Center, we understand that every pet is different and should be treated as an individual. We have incorporated our Feline Friendly Protocol to make feline patients and their owners more comfortable and less stressed during a visit or stay here.

If you are close and feasible, we recommend bringing in the cat carrier so we can spritz a small towel in the carrier with Feliway. The Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that helps calm the cat in stressful situations. Please let the staff know if your cat is usually stressed by car rides or visits to the vet.

We understand that the lobby can be scary, so we will do our best to get you and your pet into an exam room as soon as possible upon arrival. If it is not feasible for you to stop by before the visit to spray the Feliway inside the carrier, we will place a baby blanket infused with Feliway inside or over the carrier. While taking the history in the exam room, we will open the carrier cage and let the cat explore. We try to do procedures in the same room and not take the cat out unless needed. If you do not want to see the procedures, you are welcome to step out into the waiting room. It is imperative to stay relaxed in the room as your stress can add to the cat’s stress.

Annual vet visits for your cat are an essential part of pet ownership. Cats can be very stoic and hide pain and disease well. Be sure to inform your veterinarian of any changes in behavior, weight, or activity level, as these are often early signs of ill health.

Before the visit, we recommend watching the following video to help make the visit better.