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Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is the newest innovation in pain control. There are many theories as to why cold laser therapy works. First, the laser may increase blood flow to the area. This allows cellular byproducts of metabolism, like lactic acid, to be removed from the site better, which results in better pain control. Second, it … Read moreLaser Therapy


At LPWC, we strive to practice the highest quality care possible and take the time to get to know each pet. We are always looking to utilize the best medical practices, and we provide premium care using a 20-watt carbon dioxide laser to reduce pain and bleeding in many surgeries. The laser seals small blood … Read moreSurgery


At Lifetime Pet Wellness, we have a devoted and caring team that will happily assist you or your pet with anything they can. We want every client to understand how important grooming is for the pet’s wellness and how we operate here at LPWC. Grooming your pet is as essential to happiness and health as … Read moreGrooming


Are you going out of town? We’ve got you covered! We offer safe, clean facilities under regular daytime staff supervision and plenty of exercise and socialization for dogs. Our feline friends enjoy suites in a separate, quieter boarding area where they have room to move, stretch, and receive lots of attention. The best part is … Read moreBoarding


At Lifetime Pet Wellness Center, we have state-of-the-art X-ray equipment that produces high-quality radiographs, which help our veterinarians provide a diagnosis for many disorders. These images create composites of the internal body and are used to detect injuries, diseases, and more. A radiograph directs electromagnetic radiations toward an animal’s body to highlight objects within. With … Read moreRadiology

In House Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool that provides a real-time, three-dimensional image of a pet’s body. It gives us critical information about a pet’s internal processes and organs, including the circulatory, gastrointestinal, and skeletal systems. Ultrasound can be invaluable in identifying internal injuries, blockages, masses, foreign bodies, and potential diseases and is often used in … Read moreIn House Ultrasound