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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is used routinely in human medicine and is finally being introduced to small animal and equine therapies. PEMF uses healthy magnetic energy to treat pain and swelling and can also increase healing. It has similar effects as laser on the patient but does it through different bodily pathways. PEMF can … Read morePulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Nutrition Response Testing

This technology utilizes something called muscle testing.  Nutrition Response Testing® (NRT) uses muscle reflexes to help us communicate with your pet’s nervous system. This specialized testing method reveals where your pet’s body is unbalanced. It allows us to identify health stressors (heavy metals, chemicals, immune challenges, EMFs, scars, and more). Nutrition Response Testing gives us … Read moreNutrition Response Testing

Spinal Manipulative Therapy 

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation (VSMT) is a chiropractic treatment for pets. Getting the joints to move correctly affects the appearance of the conformation and musculoskeletal structure and allows for the proper flow of information in the nervous system. This allows for better function of locomotion as well as that of the internal organs. Some pets may … Read moreSpinal Manipulative Therapy 

Homeopathy & Homotoxocology

Homotoxocology is a version of homeopathy. It uses complex blends of homeopathy to rid the body of homotoxins. Homotoxins are substances in the body that interfere with cellular functions like byproducts of body functions, toxins, bacteria, viruses, etc., and can be combined with other medical modalities. With pure classical homeopathy being so complex, we leave … Read moreHomeopathy & Homotoxocology

Digital Thermal Imaging

Lifetime Pet Wellness Center offers digital thermal imaging to help you better understand your dog’s health. Digital thermal imaging is a non-invasive, non-painful procedure that helps us determine what is happening inside your pet’s body. Why consider screening your pet with Digital Thermal Imaging? Our pets can’t tell us where it hurts Affordable, quick wellness … Read moreDigital Thermal Imaging