Lifetime Pet Wellness Center


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Boarding Checklist

Please use this checklist to help prepare for your pet’s stay. 

Vaccine Records:

We require Rabies, DAP/titers, Bordatella, Canine Influenza, and a negative fecal within the past year for dogs. We require Rabies, FCP/titers, and a negative fecal within the past year for cats.


We provide dry Purina EN since it is gentle on the stomach. However, we highly recommend that you bring your pet’s own food since it is familiar to them. Changes in the diet could cause a dietary upset. There is an additional charge for microwaving food.


All runs come with a cot, and all the cages have grates, so the pets are not on the cold hard surface. You are welcome to bring any bedding, towels, t-shirts, or blankets but please label all items brought with your pet.


We welcome you to bring any toys you feel will help your pet’s stay.


We welcome you to bring your pet’s favorite treats. We also offer treats with peanut butter or cheese whiz in a kong for an additional cost to help keep them busy during their stay.


Please bring your pet’s medications clearly labeled with clear instructions for administering them. There is an additional charge for giving medications. It is hospital policy that the veterinary technicians and assistants provide any needed injections.

Boarding Form and Details:

Please print our boarding check-in sheetand return it filled out completely and signed. Please notify us of any significant health issues or changes in your pet’s behavior/routine.

Contact Information:

Please bring all contact information for us to call while you are away. We will always prefer to speak to you directly. However, we realize that owners are not available by phone in some situations, so we may have to communicate with a friend or family member.

To Print a PDF copy of this list, please download it here.