Office Tour

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Please take a picture tour of our facility. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Other areas in the Lifetime Pet Wellness Center:

  • Reception

    Reception is open, bright, and comfortable. We hope that you feel welcome here at any time. Oak benches line the walls for a beautiful look. You may notice the freezer near the weigh-in scale, which is full of frozen raw food from Nature’s Variety. To the left of the reception desk, you see St. Francis of Asisi, the patron saint of animals. The building was blessed by Fr. Black from St. Mary Church in Delaware, Ohio.

  • Exam Rooms

    Our exam rooms are very comfortable for you and your pets. With much of our work done with your pet being on the floor, we have exam tables that can fold up onto the wall. Additionally, you can enjoy viewing educational videos on the flat screens.

  • Retail and Refreshments

    While you have a nice cup of coffee, water, or tea, you can check out our Nature’s Variety maintenance diets as well as treats and prescription diets.

  • Exam Room 5

    This exam room is a little larger and has a door that leads directly outside. We can use this room for consultations, special procedures, as well as for those private moments with owners and their pets. We always try to respect your privacy and your feelings.

  • Pharmacy

    This is the only place in the building that you could call a hallway. Every space in our center is functional. Even the walls are lined with supplements and Chinese herbs!

  • Treatment and ICU

    This is the heart of the building. Here is where we do most treatments for your pets. It is also where we anesthetize patients and prep them for surgery. Along the left wall, you can see our selection of over 100 homotoxicology remedies. Because we like to have fun, we hung a monkey from the examination light. From this room, you can access any other room in the center. The cages on the back wall are for recovery from surgery and for intensive care. The top cage can be converted to a 24″ or 48″ oxygen cage. With our digital oxygen bank, we can provide oxygen 24 hours with no interruption of oxygen to other areas of the center!

  • Dental Suite

    This is where we perform dental cleanings, tooth extractions, and dental radiographs (x-rays). We take pride in keeping your pets healthy and one important but overlooked item is dental health. Allowing your pet’s teeth to get full of tartar and bacteria can lead to tooth loss, kidney or other organ failures, as well as expose us to pathogenic bacterias. Please keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy by scheduling a cleaning as soon as you see tartar building up or the gumline turning red.

  • Radiology

    This lead-lined room is where we take the x-rays of your pets. It is equipt with oxygen and anesthesia scavenge, so we can take x-rays of your pet while they are anesthetized. (Of course, we can also take them while they are awake.)

  • The Feline Ward

    This room is for our cat friends. It is glass enclosed so we can see them, they can see us, but they are separate from a lot of the commotion that can occur in the treatment room or ICU. Dr. Carlson’s cats personally love this room and have a nice catnip treat every day!

  • Isolation

    We are especially proud of our isolation ward. This ward meets the American Animal Hospital Association requirements in every way. It has a negative airflow, meaning that no air from this room will enter the circulation of the rest of the center! The floor is a poured epoxy, a surface that is virtually indestructible but very cleanable. The window keeps the isolated pet in a brighter mood.

  • Grooming Suite

    We make your pets beautiful here! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is what keeps bringing people back to Lifetime Pet Wellness Center for their grooming needs. You will also enjoy our recently expanded options for grooming. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

  • Canine Ward

    Our canine ward is made with the same standards as our isolation ward with brightly colored poured epoxy floors and great ventilation. We walk the dogs at least 3 times daily and offer additional options like playtime, treat time, and grooming.

  • Outdoor Walking Area

    Our walking area is fenced in totally, so you can rest assured that we are taking all precautions that your pet will never get loose. We treat your pets like they were our own.

  • Meeting Room and Lounge

    This is a deceiving picture. This room is actually fairly large. It is on our second floor. We use this for staff meetings, goal sessions, Pack 123 Cub Scout meetings, educational talks, and recently have started letting some clients hold small seminars during working hours.