Medical Ozone and UV Light Therapies

Dr. Carlson explains:

Lifetime Pet Wellness utilizes medical grade ozone (O3) and ozone with ultraviolet-biophotonic (UVB) light for the treatment of diseases. You may ask, “but isn’t ozone dangerous?”

If used incorrectly, it can be. However, “ozone therapy, if it is applied respecting simple rules, does not have side effects (e.g. lung toxicity) and has very few contraindications” per the International Scientific Committee of Ozonetherapy report.

In fact, in 1988, there were over 1 million ozone treatments performed in Germany without a single reported adverse event. Italy, Cuba, and Russia are the largest current researchers on medical ozone, and numerous other countries use ozone for medical therapies.

Ozone can be used in many ways and in many applications. UV light inactivates pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also energizes the body’s White Blood Cells to help them fight infection. When these effects are added to ozone, a potent treatment for many ailments is created.

Ozone and UV biophotonic light are commonly added into the treatment regimens against conditions like bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, autoimmune disease, arthritis, and cancer. The great thing about medical O3-UVB is that it helps stimulate and normalize the body’s biological functions, without having the suppressive effects that many medications may cause. Instead, it creates healing potential in the body, which is always beneficial and a goal of ours at LPWC.

Lifetime is proud to stay diligent in researching changing medical techniques and procedures, and we believe that this will be a strong addition to our toolbox!

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