LPWC Holistic Consultation

Integrative treatments at LPWC first require an in-depth initial holistic consultation. The Initial consultation is an hour long appointment which includes reviewing your pet’s medical history, lab work, radiographs, medications, and diet. The doctor will perform an extensive physical exam, Chinese medical pattern, and create an individualized treatment plan for your pet. The first treatment of acupuncture or chiropractics will be complementary for this initial visit. The one hour initial consultation is $150 with Dr. Carlson or $120 with Dr. Leas.
We recommend bringing the following:

  • Your pet’s medical records

  • radiographs

  • lab work

  • A list of medications and supplements your pet currently takes (or has taken in the past with results that were obtained while on them).

  • A timeline of health conditions leading up to the main concern

  • The nutritional system survey (see below for the forms)

  • Any questions or concerns you may have

Click here for the CANINE Nutritional System Survey
Click here for the FELINE Nutritional System Survey
Click here for the Informed Consent Form

Why Integrative Medicine is Important

While working with one of my first employers, I was told to find a niche for their practice. I thought that alternative medicine had always sounded interesting, and as I investigated, I realized a few things that would shape the future of my practice. First, there are treatments out there that can make pronounced positive effects in my patients, where conventional medicine did not offer an option. With conventional medicine alone we could help by controlling signs of disease, but not necessarily correct the underlying problem. Second, I realized that there are often effective alternative treatments available for those given no hope under purely conventional methods. My third realization was that we have options to keep our patients from developing ailments in the first place. This proactive wellness early on is an area where integrative medicine excels and where we strive to improve our practice on a daily basis.

- Dr. Carlson

Another Success Story!

Sagira Barnhill is an agility dog. This is a video the owners sent us from earlier this year (2013) before she was our patient receiving acupuncture and spinal adjustments.

The owners sent us the next video from her agility yesterday (September 30th). The owners stated in this video you can see "The AMAZING difference in her. Check out how fast her weave poles are now and just the way she is moving. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for Sagira and thought you would like to actually "see" the difference."

We love to see how well pets improve with integrative medicine. It makes what we do mean something. Thank you Sagira's family for sending us these videos!